Rates for single visits for each of the beds are as follows.

 Visit Type
 Triple facial bed
 11-Minute lay down bed
 Single Visit
 $4.00 $4.50 $5.50


We offer two types of packages: A visit package and a month unlimited package.  Visit packages stay on your card, for a year, until you finish up your visits.  Month unlimited packages let you tan for 30 consecutive days (for a month) and expire after that.  Both types of packages include the triple facial beds and the 11-minute bed.  Both have a co-pay of a $1.10 for the stand-up tanner.

 10-Visit Package
 15-Visit Package
 20-Visit Package
 Month Unlimited

Additionally, we often offer specials with our packages so call us to find out about our current specials (1-888-BUD-TANS)!

All packages are subject to a 10% tax.